Sector: Life Sciences
Location: Basel
Customer: References upon request




Initial situation

  • IT support organization for 2000 end customers outsourced to several external providers
  • Issue and conflict potential between team members due to differences in compensation and fringe benefits of different providers
  • Multiple contact persons and unnecessary coordination effort for internal service management


Request for proposal issued by customer for the complete service which was awarded to Primetrack AG.

Success factors

  • Competitive pricing
  • Historically outstanding track record in recruiting quality staff
  • Very favorable compensation packages compared to competitors
  • RFP answer was designed as a managed service including quality management, asset management, car support, on-call services etc.

Added value for the customer

  • Mutual decision making with the customer with regard to recruiting of team members
  • Consistent compensation of the team by introducing salary ranges to end discussions about differing salaries
  • Direct access to key people at any time for internal service management
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction in both qualitative and quantitative terms
  • Increase of the internal end customer base by adding other departments (up to 2600 clients supported)