Sector: Life Sciences
Location: Genf
Customer: References upon request




Initial situation

The IT Onsite Support (end customer base: 100) was provided externally by a local provider in Geneva. The quality of the support service proved to be questionable. Escalations to the top management were "business as usual" and multiple changes on the support staff did not lead to any improvement.


By recommendation from existing customers, Primetrack AG was contacted and asked to submit a offer for a local IT support service which was accepted by the customer.

Success factors

We were able to offer this position to a long-standing and experienced employee who was looking for an opportunity like this incl. relocating to Geneva.


Added value for the customer

Since starting providing this service, there was no single escalation related to the quality of the support service. Customer satisfaction increased dramatically and remains at a very high level (including feedback from top management). At the same time, the management effort for the support personnel is minimal due to the many years of experience and training. Subsequently, we were also able to cover service management tasks from the customer.