IT Staffing

IT Staffing as a viable alternative for your company


For more than 15 years, Primetrack AG has been a reliable partner in the “hiring of services” domain and holds all necessary permits (cantonal and federal permit for hiring of services). As a member of the Datalynx Group, we have access to more than 150 internal IT consultants around the world.


Whenever possible, Primetrack AG prefers to employ our staff on a permanent basis and as a result, we know the strengths and competences of our employees. We also value long-term partnerships and close relationships with our customers.


Success factors for the collaboration with external subject matter experts:

√  Set clear expectations & goals.
√  Reasonable requirements to the staff.
√  Careful and thorough recruitment of staff.
√  External staff must fit into the team.
√  Continuous staff development by the outsourcing provider.
√  Clearly defined escalation paths.
√  Open and honest communication between partners.
√  Mutual trust.
√  No restrictive contract content for both parties.


Most common mistakes in implementing an outsourcing strategy:

•  Tasks, services and domains are not clearly defined.
•  Too much focus on hourly rates without taking into account the productivity of a resource.
•  Expectations differ from the agreed service levels.
•  Risks are assessed insufficiently and/or misjudged in advance.
•  The transition phase is insufficiently planned or even disregarded.
•  Insufficient communication between the two partners.
•  Contracts are poorly written or too rigid.
•  Affected employees not sufficiently involved.


From the beginning, we have been offering our customers a wide range of outsourcing models.


We can offer various models that cover all your operational needs.


Our employees work for the interests of our customers.

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