Efficient monitoring of IT systems increases system availability

Monitoring and proactive actions solve problems before they arise.

You can react and prevent emergencies before they occur.

Business processes in companies are becoming more complex and increasingly dependent from IT. The result of the digital transformation makes it necessary to monitor the IT systems efficiently. This is the only way to react directly to incidents in the network, on the server side or during the processes. Continuous server monitoring and comprehensive network monitoring reduce response times. Recognize and avoid critical events at an early stage which can have a profound effect on your business processes. Reliable monitoring solutions are now affordable and are a must for all modern IT environments.

Primetrack Leistungen Betrieb Monitoring

Monitoring tailored to your needs protects you from unpleasant surprises.


Early recognition and proactive action solve problems before they escalate.


You can choose from a wide range of solutions that each component can monitor, be it in the server, network, storage, operating systems or applications area.